TAGLINE is a fast paced, first person game being developed by Artist Alex Shammas and game dev Oscar Painvin. Set in a wild world sprinkled with street art, hip-hop, and towering skyscrapers; the game takes the fast paced arena FPS genre to new heights. Snatch street art off the walls of a dystopian society and unlock the secrets of the TAGGERS, a hidden society of artists with incredible powers.

TAGLINE needs more content and love before it is completed.

But at the time it is PLAYABLE and past the prototype phase. 

If your aching to know more please: send us an email!


The NOTH team is carefully putting together more music, bosses, and stages! Stay tuned for more news.

The HAND ANIMATED touch brought to the elements of

TAGLINE brings a never before seen aesthetic and punch

to the world. 

Players will progress through the world exploring stages

and upgrading their skills while unearthing more of the lore.

Game progression is presented in a familiar but fresh style, calling back to exploration games of the early console era.

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